Wednesday, May 17, 2006


We got two more visitors this morning, friends of L-dimples from back in the disco era. They arrived at 7 while I was still asleep and pulled out the sofa bed and crashed until noon. They brought what looks like their entire wardrobe, judging by the amount of suitcases on the living room floor. They are her very best friends and they call themselves The Pretties, the three of them, L-dimples included.

In San Francisco [that’s the disco era for those not in the know] they did everything together, burning through their early 20’s on the coattails of methamphetamine, clubs, sex and mojito’s. They would indulge in expensive dinners at hip, trendy restaurants and dish about the city and the life of single women in it. Just like that show, you know the one.

They leaned on each other and cried with one another and were always there when good times were to be had. They fell in love together and broke up together and got pregnant and then held hands in the waiting room of the abortion clinic together. They made sure to scold each other and warn each other and say he isn’t good enough for you honey when it was right to say such a thing. Which it always is, because he is never good enough for you honey and I doubt he ever will be. They joined up with other cliques because all the other cliques wanted them to join and they would watch as the cliques imploded in jealously and drugs and the only thing left standing would be them with a cigarette and a half filled high ball glass asking if the waiter was gonna take their order soon.

Then L-dimples moved to the Big Apple and The Pretties were weakened by distance. Thousands of miles prevented them from cleverly summing up the cracks and flaws of our human condition over martini glasses and Pan-Asian cuisine. There was phone and email but you cant see someone blush through an email and you can’t see a look of nervous anticipation on their face while talking on the phone. The sex and the alcohol and the wit were still there but they can only make the potion work when they’re all in the same room together. Without the third girls presence the magic is of no effect. It was due time for a reunion.

I’ll stand on the sidelines for this one. It’s The Pretties world and I just occupy it. Tomorrow they are off to the Hamptons for the weekend where fine wine and the poolside will join up to create adventure. The forth girl staying with us isn’t one of The Pretties, so she has to hold it down with me here in Brooklyn. Still, tonight its gonna be all us five, the four girls and me. I swear there is so much estrogen in this house I’m going to start ovulating soon.


Witness a new level of beat boxing then enjoy the first official Salute To Weed Carriers awards. After that tell me if you like the new Roots track [I do] then try to enjoy some sun.


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