Wednesday, January 28, 2009

meandering along

The sky is a miserable shade of gray today. I'm beside myself because I had plans to meet with someone this afternoon but, because of the obvious gloom above, we postponed those plans for another, more agreeable day next week. Now I'm perched behind the computer screen, unsure of what to do, sort of taking things as they come along. But this has its own unfortunate obstacles, as my power keeps going out.

We have a guy standing above an open hole just out front of my house. he’s wearing a reflective vest and a hard hat. Surrounding the hole are short, knee-high barricades. In the hole are, presumably, more men in reflective vest and hard hats. They are tinkering with wires and pipes and hanging lights on hooks so they can see better in the dark. They are also getting increasingly frustrated with neighborhood residents approaching them and asking about the progress of their work, wondering when the power in their apartments will come back on, and just what the initial problem was anyway. Their job description apparently does not entail answering questions from concerned citizens.

Now the power is back on and I have to figure out what I'm gonna do besides type into this here word document. I do have things to I need to achieve. Preparations to start. Projects to ponder. Where to begin?

I start classes today. Yay, I guess. This means that most of my free time will be stolen away for the next five months or so. Oh well, things could be worse.


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