Monday, October 15, 2007

a compilation things of written in the past few days but didnt post because they were stupid

The trick is trying to remember something that happened a long time ago but I had forgotten. A glimpse of innocence that comes striking up from the bowels of my past and when it comes its like eureka! And I am found with it.

There was the time I looked into the palm of my aunt candy on a late summer evening in Newark New Jersey, and in it crawled a dozen fireflies exploding in her hand and it was like she held some sort of magic


its all lost in me.


He opened the carton and put its lip up to his nose and he inhaled deeply and gagged. It was spoiled. He dumped it out into the sink and ran the faucet full blast. it roared down onto the silver metal, washing milky white down the drain. He paused for a moment, holding his breath, avoiding the stink left over, and wondered what he would do now. He released a sigh and leaned up against the counter, placing the empty carton on the stove. There was nothing in the refrigerator. There was nothing in the cabinets. There were no stores nearby. There was only what was there with him. He shuddered.


keyboards do not bite.

(oh yes we do)


I've created the gutter in which i lie.


why is facebook so popular? is it because it started as a haven for college students instead of high school students [see: myspace]? because now it seems like the "serious" industry link up. all kinds of dignified mayhem goes on there. im getting invites to strange Internet clans [apparently, if you aren't a pirate or a ninja, you are a communist and you need to go to hell], linking up with various cats and kittens that purr real loud and stay up late every night [miles and sophie have pretty elaborate profiles themselves]. everybody has a facebook profile and everybody belongs to a few different facebook groups . you are a total sucka if you aint. facebook 4eva.


I only have the time to watch the television I really really like.I don't have the time to "get into" stuff and all that shit. If an episode isn't good enough to make me want to watch the next one, well then I just wont. Their loss. Bitches. I probably am missing a lot of good shit, but I don't care, I just want Lost to come back on, then I'll be cool.


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