Tuesday, October 02, 2007


for someone so inherently lazy, it is amazing how busy i am.

yesterday i woke up early, wrote, edited, and finished a 2200 word essay [see post below if interested]. created a marketing plan for an album, then a retail coop planner that i had to send to all my sales reps. all the while i was fending off questions from an artist about his digital sales [he doesnt have many and i didnt have the time to find out just how little he'd sold] while explaining to another label how wary the retail industry is and giving encouragement that, with time, we would get more of his records into stores and capitalize on the publicity campiagn that he's running.

in between that i bought the new radiohead record, then posted a link on this blog so that all of you could buy it too.

then i went to school and wrote a little more and discussed the war and ate some trail mix on my break. when i got home i had a beer and then wrote some more. did some more editing. and set some reminders for shit i have to do today. then i smoked some weed. i finally ate at around midnight.

im ok now but its all gonna catch up to me soon.


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