Monday, August 13, 2007

root down

at one point last thursday i was standing in an audience and Mike D was on the stage and he put the mic to his mouth and he screamed with joy and fury and Mix Master Mike dropped the beat to a hip hop classic and every single hand raised up in the air and we all stretched our vocal chords and said


and the lights burned directly onto the crowd and i could smell sweat and beer marijuana smoke. i looked around and there were hands, every hand, all 3 thousand of them, reaching up and out towards the damp evening sky. the bass rumbled the concrete and i felt a drop of rain. overwhelming waves of enthusiasm rushed through me, coming from every kid, old and young, and i thought to myself, "i am somewhere special."

im still bummed i missed Daft Punk though.

thanks brooklynvegan for the pic.


i watched a movie on saturday. It was called Downfall and its about the final 10 days of Hitlers life. a miserable, paranoid existence inside a doomed bunker in berlin. i did not have a problem with the filmmaker giving hitler 3 dimensions. he was not sympathetic, he did not try to humanize him. from what ive read it is a very accurate account, which makes it sort of educational as well as entertaining. Its drawn from the diaries of hitlers secretary and some other biography works that have been deemed historically accurate. i thought it was a phenomenal film, very well made. highly recommended (by me, which isnt saying much).

speaking of movies, im pissing my pants excited to see Superbad. i cant remember the last time i laughed at a trailer. im gonna bring extra underwear to the theater with me when i see it, just in case...


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