Tuesday, August 28, 2007

island gossip

We have another houseguest. She is a friend of L-tootbuckles and she is going through a break-up. shes going to be staying with us for a week or so. it sounds like the last stages of a fake divorce. Once you move out, its hard to move back. i've hung out with her and her (ex)boyfriend a few times, and they seem to be pretty nice people, but I wouldn’t say we were close. We are definitely just acquaintances. I don’t even have their number in my phone. Him I only know through her, and her I only know through L-boomshucka, so really, we hardly know each other at all.

Her and the L-train though, they go way back. They grew up in Hawaii together. They have a sort of kindred connection. They are all get your flip flops and a brewski woo hoo were going to the beach and cursing at the ocean it s time to party island style type gals. Last night they were up until four talking gossip about people they went to high school with. Someone had an aboortion because some one else, who is a total alcoholic, got her pregnant. She would have had the baby but he dealt coke and she's dumb but not that dumb. Also, some fool got married and some other fool got divorced.

Tonight she came home and had a splash of my wine and sat on my desk while smoking a cigarette and told me she was glad he was gone and she was finally going to see a fun side of new york city. L-temperpedic was asleep and it was just her and i.

I nodded my head. I rolled another smoke for myself. If I just drink my wine and watch tv, I thought, maybe she’ll just go to bed.

And she did, but not before looking at me ashamed and embarrassed and making me slump my shoulders and say it was ok, no worries, she could hand out for as long as she wants, then clinking wine glasses with her and smiling weakly.

She slowly made her way to the other end of the apartment, where her room is. She stopped and talked with L-yawnshun on the way and I felt sad for being cold to her but I only have a few hours of peace a night and I really need them or I turn into the hulk. You wouldn’t like me when I'm green (its not my color).

I secretly hoped things turned out ok for her and asked her to shut the door to her room when she left so that we could trap the in the cool air from the a/c.

we don’t live in a barn.


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