Thursday, November 09, 2006

One for the road

I have thought many times of giving up this blog. Maybe starting fresh somewhere else, where no one knows who I am. I’ve thought about maybe switching up the content of this blog, to shallower entertainment, that no one cares about but everybody loves. No more confessions, no more intimate thoughts. I just can’t really afford for someone in the record industry to read this and see that I am not this smart, charming, confident guy. That I am instead broke and weak and uncertain. It just wouldn’t be good for business. So maybe the next post wont be for a while. And if it is maybe it will just be light hearted fare that everyone will enjoy. Maybe ill just write about television and music and movies here. Maybe ill just write about other people and not myself. Who wants to read about me anyway?

Besides, I've been spending more time with music lately in general. It keeps me focused on my work. Ive started a mix tape series. it doesnt have a name yet. What I did was go throw a few or my record shelves and organized all my dance music by year. What the plan is is to make mixes definned by era.

The first mix I've done is compiled from tracks released in 1994-95. A classic era for raves in San francisco. The warehouse scene was on fire back then. Its mostly early tech-house mixed with breaks and some undefinable progressive house like tunes. Think Plastic Dreams and the Hardkiss Brothers.

The next mix I made is compiled by tracks from 1996-97. This is mostly tunes that seemed to skirt that line between rave and club, when the two subgenres became less distinct. A lot of house with disco influence, and some early west coast tribal tunes, as well as some huge mainfloor anthems that reached considerable commercial success. Think Armand Van Heldens remix to "Spin Spin Sugar" and Bassment Jaxx, "Fly Life."

The third mix, which I havent made yet, will be made up of tracks from 1998-99. This will be chock full of deep house's second wave from the west, as well as a ton of french house and some massive tunes from that era. Think Stardust and Pepe Braddock. I dont think i will go beyond 1999. Im not ready to wax nostalgic about the aughts.


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