Monday, February 23, 2009

only kinda

ugh! blogging is so hard!

or at least i act like it is. it takes me forever to do it, and i know im busy, but i aint fucking that busy. so busy that i cant even sit down and type up some bullshit to publish in this stupid motherfucker. this god damn blog. im not like, falling over stacks of unread files and chugging coffee and loosening my sweaty tie as i rush to get yet another super important call or anything. its not that hectic around here. sure, im busy. but i aint THAT busy.

i got some down time. i do. its brief and i take more of it than i should. but still, its there.

in fact, this post, or this particular kind of post, is pretty redundant at this point. ive written it, or variations of it, countless times since i started this blog. years ago [with 2 readers and counting!]. in fact, i write so infrequently in this blog, that almost every tenth post is an entry of how i never write in this blog. its getting repetitive.

i should probably get over it.

anyhoo - is it anywho, or anyhoo? - ive gotten into the habit of reading this thing called 'the internet,' [its awesome, you should check it out!] and i see that there have been a few spats between celebrities. i wont name any names, out of respect for their privacy and all, but some of these so called "stars," need to learn some manners. just saying.


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