Wednesday, April 11, 2007

time spent well wasted

there really isnt much to add. i woke up at 11am. i put on some sweats, made some coffee, did the dishes.

some packages were delivered and i signed for them. the downstairs neighbor was at the door, checking the mail. he grunted a hello and i nodded to him gravely. we didnt share any pleasentries beyond that.

i did some work and smoked a few cigarettes. no one has really called. its been fairly silent in the office today. just the muted sounds of tapping on my keyboard and the dull roar of traffic from outside the window. there were a few emails and some internet chatting, and ive been slaving away at designing a sales sheet, but beyond that the afternoon has been somewhat hushed. i like it enough, but it makes me nervous.

one of my partners came over to pick up one of the packages that had been delivered. he just passed a kidney stone and was prescribed some oxycodone, which he brought along with him. i packed him a bowl of weed and he left a few pills on my desk. at around 5 i started drinking wine and popped one. then two. now the quiet massage of narcotics is beginning to sweep through me, polishing my boredom into a gleaming monument of time spent well wasted.


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