Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Flying Black Sayonara

let me preface this entire post be declaring that i am not fleshing these words out on a word document, but instead typing directly into the create post window. this means that there will be plenty of spelling errors and letters that are lower case but shouldnt be. there will be a suspicious absence of apostrophes and no sentences will start with a capital. it will be a mess, sure, but it will be a natural mess. huh. 'natural mess.' that sounds like a euphemism for poo.
in any case

damn, ive been busy. the busy has had me on the top ropes recently. It fools me into getting up there, laying still on the mat, pretending to be practically unconscious, then lets me jump off in my patented “Flying Black Sayonara” move, [teeth bared, legs crossed casually, elbow jutting out in attack formation], then quickly rolls out of the way, letting me slam down hard on the spring loaded floor. just as I clear my head from the abrupt impact, gathering together all my scattered wits, the busy lifts me up to my feet then swings me for the ropes, which I bounce back from involuntarily, projecting myself, and namely, my unprotected neck, into his stiff, waiting forearm. at this point, if I'm lucky, the busy usually collapses on my weak, incoherent body, hooks my leg up, and lets the ref beat out a 3 count on the mat. Lately though, I find hes been climbing out of the ring and into the audience, where he begins grabbing any available chairs... Its been brutal. i hate the busy.

but today is sort of my day off. i mean, i have been working all day, and rather hard if i dont say so myself, but ive been working for the company, which has just become an extension of my entire being. it is me and it is my existence. i AM the company. so doing company task, which this morning has entailed explaining to a label how i feel about their low soundscan numbers and having a breif brainstorming session on how we can increase album awareness, then speaking to another label, then a sales rep, about setting up an instore at Virgin Union Square, then outlining some ideas on a promotion that may or may not involve 3 labels simultaneously, is just as simple as living and breathing. it is what i do.

Here are some things i've been excited about:

The Panda Bear album - its called "Perfect Pitch," and it sounds like finding god. well, maybe that was a little over dramatic, but it is a special experience nonetheless. it sounds as if the Beach Boys went to the jungles of South America with a laptop and a guitar and wrote a special poem to the heavens then recorded themselves reciting it while high on peyote. its awesome. check it out.

Having a day off and finally being able to get some work done. huh?

waking up at 8 this morning and going to a diner to get breakfast. the french toast was perfect and i layed the syrup on thick. then i came home and fell back to sleep on the couch. i woke up and the busy was tickling my feet.

having Borat, Children of Men, The Science of Sleep, and The Prestige coming up in my Netflix queue. im hoping they are better than Running With Scissors, which was remarkably uninteresting. i dont see how you can make a movie about a gay kid with a schizophrenic mother living in a wacky mansion with a psychologist that studies poo uninteresting, but they managed to do it, despite a decent performance from Annette Benning [who, ultimately, im not concerned with at all.]

the sun. the wind. the park. frisbee.


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